Well you may have seen my name mentioned in the letters from Baum land from time to time, and may have wondered how I fit into the ‘Baum world’….

Hi, I’m Ryan Moody and I’m an ex Baum employee…

I know it sounds like I’m attending my first ‘bike industry anonymous’ meeting, but it’s true.  Some time ago I used to work in the Baum factory, helping handcraft the beautiful machines that you have all seen.  A few things have changes since then, but i still get to be involved in the best part…. RIDING!

So how does this work you may ask, well I’m not quite sure, but I find myself turning up at regular intervals, tinkering with bikes, and engaging in the typical Baum factory banter… “who’s going to win the tour?” “Did you see the new Campy electronic?” and of course I head to races deck out in my Baum kit and pedal!  Darren really believes in the “I did some km’s for you” theory, and figures that if keep fit, some will transfuse to him…

So if you if you see me out riding or racing on the road, or on the trails, say hello, I’ll be the one on the fully rigid single speed Baum mtb.

Catch you out there!


Photo courtesy of  http://www.lachlantelfer.com/