Last weekend the first Jayco Cup round for the series was run at the You Yangs. Neil Robinson and Steven Caddy from Baum fronted up in their race kit. David from the workshop was also there as a marshal. Neil raced the XCO (Cross Country Olympic) on Saturday and both Neil and Steve raced XCC (Cross Country Criterium) on Sunday. Neil was in the front three all the way in Sport Men. The with three laps to go they rang the bell, which of course, Neil took as the final lap signal and buried himself, only to find out he had two more laps to go! He stayed at the front until part way through the last lap when he was overtaken. With 3 corners to go, he was 10m behind. When the guy in front lost his chain, Neil sailed past for a deserved, if propitious, win.

So now Neil has a Jayco Cup National Series gold medal and is the series leader! The next round is in Tassie and I expect to see Neil down there to defend his series lead.