Have you ever wondered where to get your rainbow stripes done when you become a world championship?

A few weeks ago one of the HTC mechanics (also known as "that airbrush guy") came in to get a hand with the gold lettering on this world champions helmet.


So when you next become a world champion, give us a call and we can put you in touch with said mechanic who can do you a beautiful set of rainbow stripes.

Note: This blog was written a few weeks ago and we held off publishing it because the helmet had not yet seen the light of day.  Last week was its debut at the World Cup round in Melbourne, and the helmet took it's rider to a win (with Cameron Meyer) in the madison. Great job! 

The aforementioned mechanic/a.k.a. "that airbrush guy" is now working with us at Baum doing work in paint, assembling the bikes and servicing.