Our roving rider, Nick, has been on holidays in South Australia for the Tour Down Under.  Here is his report on the week so far:

Hi guys!

Here are some pics that Greg (Shimano) and I took of the Corretto on the Shimano stand.

As well as looking at the stands at the show and watching some great racing, the past three days has me clocking up nearly 400km and nearly 4000m of climbing! Honestly, back home is a pancake compared to
Adelaide. And unless you want to head along the coast you have no choice but to climb up and over the hills to get out of the city. Which, given it normally starts within 10kms of heading out your front door, makes for interesting times when the legs are feeling a bit cooked!

I also had the pleasure of riding on Monday and Tuesday with Henk Vogels snr and Bob O'Grady (Stuey's uncle) – both ex National champs and both in excellent shape. In fact, I turned my head to see who was on my wheel as we were bombing down Norton Summit only to see Henk come around me as smoothly as you like at 70km/h on Henk junior’s 2001 steel Mercury bike. He certainly proved that class is permanent and even with a 42 inner ring that he climbs very, very well for anyone, let alone a man recovering from cancer!

Checker Hill was ticked off yesterday, what fun that was. Why, why, why did anyone think a road straight up that thing was a great idea?? Either way, straight up it was the order of the day – get the pain over and done with as quickly as possible.
Checker followed The Corkscrew on Monday, which had some great Euro style switchbacks. Only thing is that they come on a 15%+ gradient so getting back up it was pain, Euro style!

All in all though has been a top week so far with mint weather – hoping it carries on this way for rest of my time here.

Oh and Matty Goss for the overall win.