I set off this morning from Moriac for what promised to be a solid ride and turned into an enjoyable epic.  As I rolled out of Moriac bound for Forest Rd and Anglesea, the clouds were hanging low and there was mist and drizzle.  I did not see many other riders on the road to Lorne and spent some of my time debating whether to ride up to Erskine Falls first or Benwerrin.  Erskine Falls got the nod so up I went after a quick water refill in Lorne.  As I headed up the Otway Range, the fog descended and misty rain came down.  It was actually quite pleasant, and perfect weather to see the rainforests of the Otways.  I reached the high point before the descent into the Erskine Falls car park and took a photo of the road down to the car park.

The sign is hard to read – it says Steep Descent.  I was not planning to ride down there, but I could not really post this photo and not ride down there.  It is a steep, nasty climb out of there!  500 watts, cadence of about 35rpm in the 39-23.  A real quad buster.

The drizzling rain and fog in the rainforest was great.  I headed back to Lorne and did a couple of reps of Benwerrin.  On the second rep the fog and clouds started clearing and by the time I got to Deans Marsh the sun was out.  I stopped at Martian's Cafe in Deans Marsh for a quick snack and more water.  They had a band on so I enjoyed that while I ate my apricot crumble.

This is the sign I love to see!  The top of Benwerrin.

I left Deans Marsh for the 40km finishing leg back to Moriac.  I would describe the terrain as undulating and undulating never felt so hard!  I kept reminding myself  "don't let it be junk miles", "push a bit more each pedal stroke" and "every bit extra I do now will make me faster at the Otway Odyssey".  I have a whole range of mental tricks I use to motivate myself.  That last 40km was hard work – everything was aching and legs were hammered.

It was a long, hard ride with beautiful scenery and variable and beautiful weather.

See you on the road…