Headed to our Singaporean dealer Passione, Benny’s frame has been quite a challenge for the boys in paint.  They say the most simple design can be the most challenging.  No truer words could be spoken about this Corretto.

The design brief stated that the frame had to be nearly all white which had technical challenges but also gave the boys plenty of headaches.  The challenge was to come up with a white main frame colour and design colour that had the appearance of all white and still provided enough contrast to make the design visible.

After painstakingly deciding on the scheme that would be the most appropriate the quest to find the best balance began.  After much deliberation, the boy’s nearly putting the wide flag up, until a Frankie magazine magically appeared at Baum HQ solving the mystery for color.  It provided the solution for the white on white we had been looking for.

Jared the painter can find inspiration for both color and design in the most unusual of places to say the least. He openly admits he is not claiming this one though!

Finished in pantone white and light grey in the GTR scheme and topped off with matt clear we are delighted with the end result.  Very understated indeed.

Speaking of matt clear, we are able to offer this on all of our painted frames as an option.  The matt product is brand new from PPG and if you are fortunate enough to own a Lamborghini ( we certainly aren’t!) it is the same material used on their own cars.

You can see more on our flickr photostream.