Some of the great perks of the job here at Baum is the generosity that customer and guests show us.  Randomly there could be a slab of beer or a plate some something delcious and sweet appear out of gratitude for our efforts, which in spite of being all part of the experience of getting a Baum we are still very flattered and happy to receieve.

One of most recent delivery’s came in the form of a HEAP of coffee, from a variety of sources, and all within a couple of days of each other!

We sure do love our coffee here and go through the odd bean or two, however it’s fair to say there’s a good month or so supply ahead of us in there.

The other delivery was, of all things, protein. Now given the latest health kick from Darren ‘Santa Claus’ Baum we initially thought this could be quite handy in helping to get the boss back down to fighting weight. However a review of the contents of the boxes was taken a week later and…well…the picture says it all really

They were popular. Very poular. A point that was noticed on Friday Weigh In. Santa seemed to have added a little more protection to the cold! However there was also a case of beer that went missing after Friday afternoon, so maybe the protein was not quite the whole problem….