Here at Baum we are always looking to try and bring new products to you guys. However there are times that we find the best source of ideas actually comes from the public themselves.


With that in mind we've have two projects that we are looking for either some inspiration on or expressions of interest.


First is our cyclo-cross frames. We are throwing it out there for someone to come up with an idea for a name for our titanium and steel CX frames. Previously we were using the road equivilent, however we feel something fresh is in order. The best entry will score themselves a new Baum Santini top, so either reply below or log in to Velocipede Salon to get your entry in!


Next is the matter of cold weather and vests. Winter is fast approaching (5 degrees this morning when I left home, not impressed) so we are giving some very real thought to a Baum team kit breezewall vest. However we are not sure if that is what the public would prefer to see us do? Are vests still the go? Stuck in Baumland we can get a little out of touch with what the bunches are wearing nowadays.

Thoughts below or even an email to Nick would be excellent. No prizes for this one, however if you put up a good case for or against you might just help us get a little more trendy and in touch.