It would seem that Clint's famous line, which the boss is actually quite fond of and that Jared said immediately following the news, has come to fruition. A man's got to know his limitations.

Motivated from a big week of frame building and some amazing late Autumn weather our leader felt it a great opportunity to pop out for a quick spin out and through Stieglitz. Those who have ridden through this area know how lovely it is this time of year, brutal little climbs notwithstanding.

Now the rest of us back at Baum land did think it a bit odd that after a couple of hours we still had not heard him come back…no sooner was it mentioned than there was a ring of the phone. Seems that Darren's legs had red-lined and he was 'stranded' in Sutherland's Creek. Pop!

How far is that from work? The map below shows how far.

But be it 10 kilometers or 100, it seems it was just too far. What excuses are we expecting to hear? What famous lines have you used, or heard used, following an infamous pop? 

A man's got to know his limitations. Indeed.