What a response the loss of our coffee machine generated. From advice on what could be wrong, to suggestions of new models to "suffer!"

However the most amazing emails we received were from Kevin and Davide of Philips (parent company of Saeco) and Saeco respectively offering their assistance in repairing our beloved machine. 

The result being that our beloved machine is back, repaired and in magnificent working order once again. The fact that Davide was planning to take pictures of our old boiler to show his customers what happens when you fail to descale your machine is also now somewhat of a badge of honour, as here at Baum land the priority on caffeine did tend to outweigh that of maintaining poor Magic De Luxe's health…

Lesson has however been learned and we will now be more vigilant in the cleaning. Going that long again without a good cup is a prospect no one is prepared to entertain.

So to Saeco and Philips we send our most heartfelt gratitude and thanks. Challenge is to now try and get some sleep after all the coffee overload we've been indulging in!