We are a fan of a lot of things Italian here at Baum land. Coffee, components, pasta and of course the Giro! 

Some of our customers are even lucky enough to have had some epic trips up and through the Dolomites in the north of Italy.

Does it get much better than that? Garry, one lucky fellow!

It does seem though that not everyone at work is quite at the same level of excitement as I might be…my appearance at work sporting a replica Maglia Rosa got the expected reaction, even though deep down I know the crew are a fan of pink.

Finally here is a clip of the finish from last years stage 7 across the Strade Bianchi which was won by Cadel Evans. Certainly worth a watch, as it made for one of the best days of racing for all of  2010. Which after review of  the parcors on offer for this year could very well be in danger of being topped!

So here's to 3 weeks of sleepless night, lots of espresso and exciting racing! Also stayed tuned to the blog as over the next 3 weeks, as there will be an unveiling of our new Giro themed  bike.

Viva il Giro!