Six Hours In the Saddle, both a description and name of a race, a mountain bike race on trails that rewarded speed and punished tiredness. Steve and I drove up Friday night, knowing that tucked on the back seat we had a secret weapon that would make the race that much easier. JP.

James agreed to come be our 3rd man, we'd sold him on the idea with phrases like "just have fun" and "enjoy the day".


From the 10am start, what ensued could not be described as "just rolling around", each lap was hard and fast, 1st place in male 3's and a top 10 place overall was to be defended, and not even snot running freely down over chins could stop us until the 4pm finish time.


If anyone happens to be near Beechworth in the next few days, could you have a look for our legs? We seem to have left them somewhere out on the course.