Nicknamed 'The Phantom' by the boys here at Baum land, we were quite floored with how Richard's frame and colour scheme came together upon it's completion.  

More importantly though the owner is overjoyed. You can follow Rich on his blog and see where the inspiration for the extra custom Corretto top tube script came from. The top tube artwork is something that falls outside of what is normally offered on our paint schemes,  however Rich was able to talk us around and after seeing pictures of the bike fully assembled we had to agree that it was certainly worth the additional time that was spent getting the design right.

The only sad part about this, for Australian residents at least, is that this bike left our shores to London – where Richard lives. So the chances of seeing it back in Australia and leaning up at a cafe after a solid ride are pretty slim.

However we can always hope the lure of our summertime weather might convince the owner that a trip back Down Under to catch up with the team might be a great idea and a treat for us fans of his bike.