When people first got a glimpse of this scheme (below) it was either met with awkward looks sideways or raucous laughter. Followed normally by the questions of; my sanity, my sexuality, would it actually be ridden, was it a joke and “for goodness sakes, why??!”

The answers; sane, straight (sorry if that disappoints), proudly ridden, no joke and why not! After already putting 10,000km in to it I know the frame rides like a dream, why not be a bit daring with the new paint.

It’s probably no surprise for people who have noticed my surname to know that my father (and all his side of the family) are Italian. As such I was born with a natural affinity to pink, love of the Giro d’Italia and good coffee and more broadly anything Italian cycling related.

When I asked Jared to take all these in to account and create me a scheme he, after he stopped laughing, came up with what was affectionately known as the Pink Panther. My tribute to my ancestry and the great race that is the Giro d’Italia.

It’s the little details that really set Jared apart as a master designer and painter, so when he popped in to the front office with my fork in hand I was again amazed. Without mentioning it to me he had replaced one of the red ‘Ugg boots’ on the fork tip with green, linking it back with the white ‘Baum’ infill and coupled with the opposing sides red  was able to represent the Italian flag. A combination we had tried, in vain, to work in to the broader scheme on the frame as a whole.

Again, he had delivered!

I am sure it will still divide opinions, people will either love or loathe it. However I could not be happier being on a frame that not only fits me like a glove but now really is a reflection of who I am and combines two of my big loves in life. And that’s what it’s really all about, isn’t it.