June 10, 2011

Tiny tourer

Recently we had the challenge here at Baum of creating the dream touring bike for one of our more petite customers. No challenge though is too big, or in this particular case small, for Darren and with relish we took it on.

Fast forward to completion and a casual observer passing Baum Land could have spotted a certain frame builder zipping around with glee on the new tiny tourer, taking it on multiple 'test rides'. It was then with great delight that after delivery we found that the new owner loved it as much as we did.

To that end, I think the very kind words from the husband of the new owner even better articulate the feelings surrounding this bike


Dear Nick and all the crew.

I want to let you know how delighted we are with the final result of the tiny Burke bike you made for my wife. It is delightfully proportioned and looks beautiful with the blue paint my wife chose and the silver writing suggested by Jared.

My older son has done some welding and was impressed by the quality of the welds. They are so smooth it almost looks like a carbon fibre construction, and at under 12 kg the bike will be easy to transport, either lifting it onto the roof of the car or as luggage when travelling overseas.

Compared to E's old bike which weighed over 15kg, this one is extremely light and very responsive. Jared commented of his road test on the bike how well it rode, even though his knees were up near his chin.

I look forward to E getting used to the new bike and many years riding with her.

Could you please pass on my thanks to all involved.

Kind regards.


You can see some more pictures of the tourer on our Flickr site and keep an eye out for it around Melbourne (and soon to be Europe too).