Event: Albury Wodonga MTB Club 6 hour Enduro

Location: Nail Can Hill Albury

0955  Lined up at the start line knowing I have not done enough training.  Did not even warm up.  Figured I should save my reserves for the race.  Goal is to ride non stop, so I will start slow.

1000  Gun goes and we are off.  Heaps of people pass me as we ride up the fire road.

1115  Two laps in and I am getting the hang of the track.  Some rocky sections where there is no clear line are rough on the bike.  Feeling fine.

1230  Issue with gears.  I had a miss shift on the front and stomped on it in frustration.  Rear cable slipped a bit through the clamp screw.  While riding, planned the fix back at the pits.

1245  Coming into pits I yell for a torx and allen key.  Roll into pits and fix problem in about 30 seconds.  Of again and shifting is perfect.

1300  Gentle cramping starting in my quads

1425  My mates in the race village, who are racing a triple, yell that I am in 5th place and 4th is 3 minutes in front (in 40+).  Not as good as I hoped.  3 laps to go so making up 1 min per lap will get me to 4th.

1500  More cramping – quads and sometimes hamstring, adductor and even triceps.

1510   Last lap was good – pushed a bit harder.  Brain fade at the start of this lap.  Have to get my head back in it. 

1535  One lap to go.  Mates yell out I am in 3rd with 4th a minute behind me.

1545  Leader of 40+ category laps me.  We have a chat before he rides off.

1617  300m to go.  One rider close behind and one close in front.

1618  150m to go.  Pushing up the hill to pass the guy in front and stay away from the guy behind.

1620  The track funnels into single track with 30m to go.  Jump on the pedals flat out and jam it into the single track in front of the guy in front.  Both quads cramping hard with every pedal stroke as I sprint flat out to the finish

1622  I find out that the pass I made with 30m to go scored me 2nd place!


 That was the only time I did not ride this bit.  Rear tyre slipped on a root.  Really.