July 22, 2011

Endless Pedal

You probably know Graeme Pereira by his work, his were the magic fingers behind the editing desk for Rapha's Great Ocean Road Classic and Victoria Alps videos. Together with wife, Simone – a designer by trade – he curates a small space in South Yarra, taking an aesthete's eye to cycling culture with their gallery-cum-boutique, Endless Cycling Gallery & Boutique. Quite literally joined at the hip with Melbourne institution Shifter Bikes, the gallery has come out swinging hard, bringing photographer Timm Kölln's epic five-year project The Peloton to Australian shores.

Kölln's documentary style black and white images of cycling have lead the popular recast of cycling as a romantic theatre of human triumph and suffering. You've probably seen his portraits of the pro tour peleton before. The utterly shelled faces of riders against white seamless have seen some exposure both online and in print, but screens and magazines are not photographic master prints. Do yourself a favour and see the exhibition in person, the images are present and deep.

They're also for sale, and would look a treat on the walls of our fitting room.


It seems I'm late to the punch. The Peloton exhibition is no longer running. All is not lost however, this from Simone:

The Peloton exhibition has finished and came down at the end of last weekend, and a new exhibition as part of the State of Design Festival is now up. We are waiting until the end of the Tour to finalise the orders for Timm's prints (in case Cadel manages to win, and anyone would like to change their print orders). So people can still order prints until Monday, and we still have copies of The Peloton book available for purchase, and from what I can see online, we may be the last ones to have available copies!

See you there.

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