Just a quick post to show some of the new additions to the Baum family that have rolled out of Baum Land over the past month or so


GTS burnt orange Corretto. Customer a big fan of the Eddy Merckx orange and wanted a contemporary take on a colour that we normally use in our traditional schemes.


GTB Rattlesnake Cubano. Colour was chosen to reflect the customers love of red wine. It also just happened to have one of the hottest paint names that we've ever come across. Di2 equipped with climbing shifters, as smooth as a bottle aged for 10 years.


GTB matte and gloss black Corretto which went out to Germany, so sadly not much luck for any Australian residents hoping to see this one on our roads any time soon. Understated yet still eye catching at the same time.


All of these we were certainly sad to see leave, as with every bike there's at least one of the staff who looks and says "I would ride that for sure!". Here's to many happy kilometers for their owners.