September 12, 2011

Amy Gillett Grand Fondo

Only seemed like yesterday that Darren did a wip around Baumland for those interested in a ride that not only supports a great cause but would also be an excellent opportunity to meet some Baum customers out doing what we love seeing them do, riding their bikes.


It's now less than a week away, so almost too late for some last minute training! However Darren, David, myself and some Baum special guests are more than ever looking forward to what should be an excellent event.


Without looking to place too much of a premature jinx on it, the weather outlook is appearing to be quite favourable. I know from first hand experience how much more chilly it can be at the top of Benwerrin compared to the top. But we'll all take a forecast like below



any time compared to what Victoria dished up yesterday.


Look forward to catching up and meeting as many of you as we can, especially if you're happy to give us a bit of a sit and a chance to catch our breath.


Vai vai vai!