September 19, 2011

To the winner the spoils.

When yesterday dawned clear over the Great Ocean Road, we all agreed it would be a lovely day for a ride with mates. A bunch of us, including The Boss lined up for a roll in the sun for the Amy Gillet Gran Fondo. This isn't a story about the event (it was great, awesome cause, amazing roads, you should totally do it next year),  no, this is a story of a sneaky attack, about a battle against all odds. About one man who attacked when no one else would dare attack.

It began on the quiet streets of Lorne, 2,500 people and 5,000 wheels (many of them deep section) lined up for 120 odd km of idyllic riding on closed roads.


We rolled out along the base of cliffs and had a bit of fun, sometimes chatting, sometimes attacking but mostly just grinning at how good a day it was to be on the bike. Up front was Nick and Dave, guys happy to set solid tempo all day long. Jim, The Boss and I floated behind them and further back Steve lurked.


When the bunch hit Skenes Creek and the base of the day's main climb conversation ceased and everyone set their own pained pace. I'm not ashamed to say that Dave quietly went about tearing my legs off, while Nick rocketed off ahead of us both to take KOM honours.


At the top we stopped and chatted quietly as one by one we regrouped. Well, not all of us regrouped, Steve took one look at us off our bikes and attacked! He was off like a struck cat, piling in the Watts while we all wondered what had just occurred. To shortcut this story slightly, that was the winning move, only Jim was to see Steve again, but narrowly missed catching him before the top of Mt Benwerrin and the finish line. So that's it, Steve was the winner of the inaugural Amy Gillet Gran Fondo "Those crazy Baum guys" team cup. Your cheque is in the mail.


Thanks to all the volunteers and everyone that said g'day.