October 14, 2011

Happy overseas customer

Unfortunately not all of customers are able to make it into Baumland for their fit, however we certainly do not let that preclude us from letting that create a dream bike for them. Below is an email we received from the owner of this Corretto, which left us flattered but reassured that our continual pursuit of excellence is appreciated by our customers.



Hope you and all at Baum land are fit and well. Sorry it’s taken an age to get back to you with some photos and a brief ride report, truth is I have taken every single spare moment to get out on the road and enjoy the Baum; and stunning it is. So, see below a few snaps, taken whilst out on a late summer century, I thought you’d like the carefully selected views of the English countryside.


Commissioning a hand build bike is no small task; you are faced with a vast range of choices in deciding on geometry, ride feel and components, and let’s be honest, if you’re spending a fair wedge of cash it also needs to look sweet. Now I am of course biased, but I am delighted with the outcome, the care and detail that has gone into the welds and paintwork is a true labor of love. The bike was build up by Barry and his team at Bespoke (thanks guys, faultless work), Matt the mechanic commented on the 20 tiny welds on each side of the cable stop on the chainstay and the overall quality of the build, per·fec·tion!

So to the ride, on commissioning the Corretto I asked for a ride that would be compliant, comfortable enough to spend hours in the saddle and snappy to respond to a jump when required. To be honest it has taken me this long to fully appreciate what I have on my hands, the Baum is a huge step up from my vintage steel frame, I selected components to respect the quality of the build (slight departure from financial reality required) and create something that would take me to the next level of ability and fitness, it is truly the sum of its parts. The Corretto is responsive without being jittery, compliant without being harsh and smooth as the finest Jersey butter. Weird as this may sound, the Baum has removed the mechanical element from my rides, I am locked in to position, feel fluid and have supreme confidence in the bike.


A big thank you to you all:

Nick for listening and allowing me to change direction several times often at the 11th hour

Daren for understanding my needs and building something truly unique (still can’t get over the 1in chainstays)

And Jared for pushing the boundaries of what is possible with paint 


Quite the finished build there, we are very impressed and certain there will be many, many happy miles in store for the owner.


Happy riding!