September 5, 2013

Baum Open Day, 2013


At Baum we speak a lot about the 'Baum Family'. Owning a custom Baum bicycle is not a simple retail transaction, it's an experience not unlike welcoming a new addition to your own family. A paradoxical 'tangible intangible', experiencing it is really the best way for it to be appreciated.


Which is why we are opening our factory doors (yes, we now have more than one) on Friday the 13th of September for our Open Day. So confident are we in our positive energy, that even the 13th falling on a Friday is not enough to dissuade us.


Tour times are at 12 noon, 2PM, 4PM and 6PM. If you are passing through, on your way to the Amy Gillett Gran Fondo (which we are also riding), then an earlier time can be arranged. However be warned, it will require bribery – of the baked goods variety.


The coffee though will be on us. Come in, share a brew, experience what goes on behind the scenes and become a part of the Baum Family.