September 20, 2013

Amy’s Gran Fondo²

With the mountain bike World 24 Hour only three weeks away (which Darren was only aware of in the writing of this blog!), Ryan and Darren took to Amy's Gran Fondo last Sunday with a slightly different goal in mind.


Starting in the first wave, overall time for them was instead going to be calculated across two laps of what is one of the best rides on offer in Victoria. It didn't matter who was first over Benwerrin on the first lap. The real race was line honors at the top, after the second. Which, incidentally, Ryan took – amidst much acrimony. 


Thankfully the boys were not alone, Neil and (another crazy) David joined them. In picture perfect weather and dry roads for the entire second time round – with numbers removed and back to obeying road rules it must be stressed. 


Darren was even generous enough to let us have a look at what his data for the day looked like. For those familiar with power meters, TrainingPeaks and data interpretation, you'll know that a TSS of 535 is incredible.



He burned 5192 calories – the equivalent of over 17 cheeseburgers! (which until a few months ago, still appeared in the framebuilder's diet). Not that Ryan was far behind, burning over 16 cheeseburger's worth on his ride.


A huge day for the boys in both supporting a terrific cycling cause and preparing for the Worlds. Both their Strava ride files can be viewed below. With all four well deserving of some kudos for their efforts.


Darren's 'two laps'

Ryan's 'Fondo Fondo'