— GT Pin

We are constantly evolving at Baum. A new bending machine for our mountain bike rear triangle, more efficient build processes, expanding the factory or cutting back on the amount of chips-and-gravy Darren is permitted. We ride our own race, so when an idea for new paint schemes appeared, Ryan, Darren, Ant and Nate took to it and GTR Pin and GTR Solid were born.

Establishing the brief, both designs were based on clean and simple lines in a two-colour combination. 

Technically not all colours are not able to be used – as a 'bright' and 'dark' combination are required. This is where the Baum team will help guide the process. Paint is commonly one of the hardest decisions, but with colour swatches and months spent in development, Ryan and the crew are confident they have knowledge to help you realise your dream through these schemes.

— GTR Solid

So taken was Darren with the GTR Pin scheme, that he re-sprayed his Corretto (above) in his signature venom green. However if initial feedback is anything to go by, we don't expect these schemes to be scarce.

Our Flickr account has a closer look at the GTR Pin and GTR Solid. Or contact the factory to arrange a tour and in-person sneak-a-peek.