At Baumland we really love two things (ok coffee and cake makes four):  1) obsessing over making the best bikes we know how, and 2) seeing our family of customers riding and having new adventures on our bikes. We make more road bikes than anything else, which is obvious when you visit the factory or browse our flickr stream. There’s a good few mountain bikes thrown into the mix too. And for a long time, we also offered touring models.

Unfortunately, we only get to make a few touring bikes each year.  The low volume and the diversity in styles, parts and taste makes it really difficult to give the same kind of detail-obsessed service we demand of ourselves.  So with some sadness we’ve decided to bring our touring bike lines to an end.

We will still continue to offer rack mounts on our roadies which can be built plenty tough enough for fast and light touring.  Or our mountain bikes can certainly take you as far as you can pedal on off-road adventure. But we won’t see more beauties like these in the foreseeable future.