Such a feelin’s comin’ over me There is wonder in most every thing I see Not a cloud in the sky, got the sun in my eyes And I won’t be surprised if it’s a dream Did you ever have a melody set on repeat mode inside your head during a ride? For us The […]

No, the answer is not “hidden within new Baum road bikes”. Baum bikes are for life, same as employment. It’s now not uncommon for the office upstairs to contain a mixture of employees past and present mingling with customers past and present. A common question is “what is <insert employee name> doing nowadays?”. So to […]

Darren is a man of many talents; welding, designing, innovating and (recently) endurance mountain bike racing. Taking on the Worlds 24 hour mountain bike at Wembo was certainly a cycling feat unlike any other. And in spite of the man ‘with his name on the door’ pulling up surprisingly well from the experience, there was […]

Written by James Pierce This weekend just passed Darren and Ryan lined up and took on WEMBO – the World 24 hour solo mountain bike race at Mount Stromlo.  Chucky, LJ and I lined up for a different race, the one on the sideline in the team pits.       Darren and Ryan, with […]

— GT Pin We are constantly evolving at Baum. A new bending machine for our mountain bike rear triangle, more efficient build processes, expanding the factory or cutting back on the amount of chips-and-gravy Darren is permitted. We ride our own race, so when an idea for new paint schemes appeared, Ryan, Darren, Ant and […]

With the mountain bike World 24 Hour only three weeks away (which Darren was only aware of in the writing of this blog!), Ryan and Darren took to Amy's Gran Fondo last Sunday with a slightly different goal in mind.   Starting in the first wave, overall time for them was instead going to be […]

  At Baum we speak a lot about the 'Baum Family'. Owning a custom Baum bicycle is not a simple retail transaction, it's an experience not unlike welcoming a new addition to your own family. A paradoxical 'tangible intangible', experiencing it is really the best way for it to be appreciated.   Which is why […]