Custom Fit

We do everything we can to make them beautiful in their own right, but a bicycle is not complete until it is ridden. Every frame is a consequence of the shape and requirement of an individual rider. It’s the fit that makes a custom bike the best you’ll ever own – nothing rides like it was made just for you, unless it has been. It’s for this reason that every Baum is made to order.

Customisation and personalisation – fit and finish

At Baum, customisation means tailoring the geometries of the bike to suit you, the rider.  We want a bike that matches your intuitive sense of the perfect bike’s handling, character and performance-style. What we mean by ‘tailoring geometries’ goes beyond the usual variables of tube material, length, angle and diameter. We also butt, bend and shape titanium tubing in house to suit each individual rider’s requirements. This is what we mean by customisation.

When we refer to personalisation, we’re talking matters of aesthetic or personal preference. Paint scheme and colour; singlespeed, track or vertical drop-outs; the addition of rack or number mounts; S+S couplings; the addition of your name to the top tube are all items of personalisation.

Getting fitted

There are four different ways we can fit your bike to you.

1. Factory fit
Visit us at the factory for a detailed fitting session and we’ll go over the ideas for your bike.  If you need to travel, we can pick you up and drop you off at Avalon airport.

We’ll start with a relaxed but detailed discussion about your current bike – what you like and what you don’t, how you want to ride and what you want to achieve with the new bike.

Then we’ll ask you to warm up on our fit bike, after which we determine your optimum body position, crank length, and handlebar width.  We’ll have you ride the fit bike in your normal bike clothing in various riding positions and at a range of different levels of resistance to make sure your bike always fits perfectly.

2. Work from an existing bike
If you’re completely comfortable when riding and don’t believe further improvements are possible, or if you’re chasing relatively small changes to an otherwise perfect bike, use a current or favourite bicycle as a start point.

We can instruct you on measuring the relative position of your seat, handlebars and pedals, and your preferred crank length. This method works best for experienced road riders who require only minor tuning of their position.

3. Use a third party fit system
If there’s another fitting system that works well for you, or you prefer not to travel you can send us the result of a FitKit, BioRacer or other fitting session and we’ll design your frame based on the fit system results you provide.

4. Adopt one of our standard sizes
We offer a range of standard sizes that can be adapted according to your preference. Standard size bikes are not ‘off the rack’. We don’t pre-build frames or hold stock. We offer standard sizes from 48 to 63cm in 1cm increments for road bikes (48-52 with 650c wheels). Once a size is selected, we tailor the geometry to make the bike specific to you. For road bikes this means adjusting the top tube length (±5mm), head tube length (±10mm) and top tube slope (4-6°). For mountain bikes we vary the head tube and top tube lengths by ±10 and ±5mm respectively.

The ordering process

Give us a call to get the conversation started.

If you can make it in for a test ride, we’d love to meet you for a coffee, give you a tour of the factory floor and share ideas about what will work best. Call ahead to make an appointment.

Then it’s time to get measured and fitted. There are four ways to establish your ideal riding position (see above). Once that’s done we’ll prepare a preliminary C.A.D. drawing of your frame so that you can see what it will look like. Together we’ll select your parts and colours. A deposit secures you place in the production queue at this stage.

All that’s left to do is for us to get to work. We’ll produce up a detailed C.A.D. drawing of your frame, paint drawing, frame specifications sheet and parts list and send it to you for approval. When your bike is ready we’ll call you to let you know. If you can’t collect it personally, we can arrange for it to be shipped safely to your door.