MTB • Extensa Ti


Mythical creatures

Let’s recall the mythology of cross country racing hardtails hewn from the magic metal. Late 90s magazines dedicated to XC racing. Descriptions of titanium bikes so light as to defy belief, with frames so paradoxically strong and true they’d been known to tear the racks right off of the roofs of incognizant drivers passing under low-hanging structures. Bikes that were supermodel good and equally unobtainable to a dirt-bag racer. And in those same pages reviews describing a ride so other-worldly it reduced authors to vagary. ‘Like a magic carpet ride’, they’d say. Bikes that ‘were the trail’ (whatever that meant). Bikes that were seemingly forgotten with the rise of a new era of disposable resin wonder-bikes with inches of spring at either end, but that somehow elicit none of that bleary-eyed sentiment.

In 2007 we set about re-building the titanium hardtail of our dreams, the one from those descriptions. In the years since our incarnation of the Ti racing hardtail has been pounded by our own enduro team. Alternately loved and neglected; ridden hard and put away wet. They’ve been crashed, chipped and re-sprayed, and they’ve accumulated tens of thousands of metres of vertical gain, one technical switchback at a time. And oh how they ride: like they are the trail. Like magic carpet.

Standard geometries

We offer a range of standard sizes that can be adapted to according to your preference. Standard size bikes are not ‘off the rack’. We don’t pre-build frames or hold stock. Once a size is selected, we tailor the geometry to make the bike specific to you. For mountain bikes we vary the HT and TT lengths by ±10 and ±5mm respectively. Read more about our approach to fitting.


Features Options
Standard Sizes
Oversized CWSR Grade 9 certified titanium tubeset, butted in-house to rider requirements
Internally relieved 44mm Ti head tube, CNC butted and relieved BB shell
3D S-bend chainstays and mono-stay
Bespoke 6/4 Ti dropouts
Painted finish with airbrushed logos/ or Raw titanium finish with polished logos
Sliding dropouts (to suit singlespeed or Rohloff)
Chris King Inset headset to suit tapered steerers
3T ARX Team head stem
Enve carbon seat post
I.S. disc mount (accommodates 160mm disc rotor max.)
73mm English threaded bottom bracket
135mm or 142mm rear hub spacing
Custom fit geometry
26″, 29″ or 650b wheels
Your choice of suspension fork
Rigid fork in carbon or custom steel
Custom paint – non standard colours
Rack mounts