Paint & Personalisation

First and foremost we are engineers and designers — craftsmen. The Baum aesthetic isn’t cute or whimsical. It draws on the heritage of racing and hard riding, and is inspired by the uncompromising worlds of motorsport and aeronautics. It shouldn’t be surprising then that the bikes are masked, painted and finished with the same precision and care that goes into their engineering and fabrication.

All our paint comes from automotive paint specialists, PPG. Wet application and baking are both done in house, with the masking and lay-up done by eye and two very steady hands. All bands, stripes and pinstripes are done in paint rather than by decal because we’re fussy about little details.

Of course we also do nude titanium frames. As with everything else, we do our own polishing, ball-burnishing and sand blasting here in our Geelong factory.

I’m starting to wonder what magic potion they use to hold the paint on like that. I’ve run mine [MTB] into two redwood trees, endo’ed into a ravine  and flew off a berm at 20+ MPH and the only thing that looks like trash is the paint on the fork legs. The frame is golden. It can’t be anything but magic.
— Jeff Malnick, USA

Paint schemes for road, track and cyclocross

We offer a multitude of schemes for all bikes: Classic solid colours or double bands, Polished titanium with etched logos, and our well known motorsport-inspirered muscular GT range of schemes. We understand that colour selection is personal and can help you make a selection with confidence.



Bespoke paintwork

Personal preference and special requests can be accommodated at extra cost. If you’ve been having recurring dreams about something specific we’re open to negotiation on how we can make them into reality for you.

If you’re unsure about colour or how to articulate the direction you’d like us to take with your bike we can develop a scheme by working from a favourite object, graphic or motif. The examples shown below are all bespoke finishes developed for customers based on such a brief.

What about full custom paintwork?

Unlike many custom builders, we don’t allow free reign when it comes to paint customisation. We’ll admit to being picky about the way our bikes look on the road and trail because while your bike most definitely says something about you, it can’t help but to also speak about us.

Together we’ll devise a paint scheme, colour selection and component kit that makes your heart skip a beat; because we know as well as any good tailor does that the only way we get to look good is by making you look great.

Personal frame options

It’s our pleasure to accommodate your preference in frame options. We’re more than happy to prepare your frame with singlespeed, track or vertical drop-outs, alternative hub or BB spacing, rack or number mounts. We regularly prepare bikes with S+S couplings for customers whose travel schedules demand convenient portage. If it’s within your budget, it’s generally within our ability and we love to talk possibilities.

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