Introducing Celaris,
A Modern Classic.

Ride your own race.

From day one with Brian Cross, my frame building mentor, Baum Cycles has always operated with an air of sui generis. We do things our way, to our exacting standards. We do not feel we lead the industry, but we don’t follow. We build what we want to ride and ride what we want to build. We ride our own race. We are Baum Cycles. 

Darren Baum

An Orbis for every occasion

For years the Corretto was the ultimate Baum road bike. Beloved. Coveted. Admired. It represented the pinnacle of our craftsmanship. It still does. Only now we have taken all that made the Corretto the best and re-engineered it to meet the new standards in road. With disc brakes, 3D printed bottom bracket yoke, enhanced geometry, and more the Orbis is now the very top of the tree. It encapsulates all of the best that Baum Cycles can put into a bike. Refined road, or where ever you might want to take it.