Your choices

Here at Baum, we offer two paths, Tailored or Standard sizing, the choice is yours.

Tailored is all-encompassing, custom-fitted and crafting a Baum that is yours. Every element of the bike is refined to your unique specifications. The drawings, butting profiles – even top tube slope – are yours alone.

In our standard size, you choose one of our seven-size offerings in addition to the stem length and seat post offset. The entire manufacturing process is done by the same team, same hands. 

Factory Fitting

With either a pick-up from Avalon airport or a casual stroll through our front door, we start with a coffee and a tour of our factory. The tooling used in the crafting of your new bike is on show and within arms reach. Grab a live, front-row seat in the crafting of our machines. 

From there it’s the fit, where we are able to transfer your three primary points of contact on the bike (saddle, pedals and bars) and use that as a starting point for your Baum. Just like a tailored suit, a bike fit is as individual as you. Our intent is not always to change. With data capture, power balance, vector analysis and lateral pedal stability as just some of the features at our command we’ll look at every aspect of your current fit before discussing (and introducing) any changes.

It’s imperative to remember this is a bike, not a fitness test. While we will reproduce heavier loads that is only to ensure comfort and efficiency is consistent over varying intensities.

The end result is a tailored fit, a final drawing that is uniquely yours and complete with a personalised tubing selection and handling crafted to your specifications.

Third Party Fitting

We are very happy to – and regularly – work with fits from other bike fit professionals. You’ll find a link to our PDF, outlining the key points we need for your Baum. Once we have those three primary points (saddle, pedals, and bars) we then take that to the next step in tailoring your bike. This involves a follow-up interview with you. We ask questions but there are no wrong answers. What we are looking for is a feel for you as a rider, what you want from your bike, and what you don’t. How have previous bikes fallen short, or what characteristics do did you love? Even if you’re a little unsure, that’s ok. Decades of custom frame building leaves us well versed in reading the tea leafs on what is going to make the best bicycle for you.

From there, all of this feedback is built into our considerations for the final drawings, tubing selections, and personalisation of your Baum.


Baum Geometry - standard size

We offer a range of Baum ‘standard’ sizing, for those riders who tell us “I’ve ridden this forever. I know it fits. But I want it with Baum flavour”. If you are one of those riders, this is absolutely fine. No one knows what fits better than you. Where we come in, is working together to deliver you a Baum refined to your ride specifications, but in your selected size. You can also choose to alter your stem length and seat post offset within this option, we take care of the rest.

Baum geometry is Darren’s take on contemporary bicycle geo, not a departure from the offerings of the major brands. We took what they have, Baum-ified it, and made it better. If you love riding your S-Works, Madone or Evo Hi-Mod you’re going to love our spin on the modern road bike. 

Our standard sizes vary from model to model. You can find sizing information for each bike on the respective model pages.