Baum & Partington

Introducing the Baum Celaris, Enhanced Orbis Family, and a New Addition to the R-Series Wheelset Range

Baum cycles celaris

Join us from February 22nd to 25th at Rapha Melbourne Clubhouse for the Baum Cycles and Partington Exhibition. Explore our latest offerings including the launch of the Baum Celaris, updates to the Orbis Family, and a new addition to the R-Series wheelset range

Open 10am to 6pm – this four-day exhibition will showcase a unique selection of bikes and wheelsets.


Launch Night

On Friday the 23rd, we invite you to the Launch Event. Darren Baum and John Partington will be joined by Cadel Evens to discuss the latest additions to Baum and Partington. Join us from 6:30 pm to hear the story and inspiration behind these new products.

Date: Friday February 23rd

Time: 6:30 pm

Location: Rapha Melbourne Clubhouse – 32 Guildford Lane, Melbourne

Saturday Ride

On Saturday the 24th, Rapha Melbourne are leading Darren, and the Partington team for a Pony Club loop. We will depart the clubhouse at 8 am, it will be a two-hour no-drop loop returning to the Clubhouse.


Date: Saturday February 24th

Time: 8am Departure

Loop: Two hours returning to the Clubhouse, no-drop.

One-on-One with Darren Baum

On both Thursday and Friday, Darren has several one-on-one appointments available. These are limited. To book an appointment, click below.

Date: February 22nd and 23rd

Times: Between 10am – 4pm

Location: Rapha Melbourne – 32 Guildford Lane, Melbourne