Components & Parts

Components and parts

As fitted as a custom bicycle feels, it’s the little touches that really invoke the feeling of mine each time a Baum owner reaches for their machine. Over the years Baum has developed relationships with brands large and small to ensure we can find any way we can to tailor each bicycle to its owner.
And while this does not mean free reign over every single component (certain parts, like headset choices, have hours of engineering and machining behind them) nearly everything is open to employing an artistic licence on.


Requires no introduction. 100 years old and the largest groupset manufacturer in the world, Baum Cycles is thrilled to be enjoying their support and access to their ever-expanding array of equipment. If it’s Shimano and you want it, Baum can get it.

Shimano Dura Ace 9200
Sram Red AXS


Scott, Ray and Sam – or rather SRAM, as we know them, took riding to the next level with wireless eTap and continue to boast (and expand on) what is a vast catalogue of offerings. Now 12 speed and wireless, it feels like an age ago when they disrupted the market with road Double Tap. We love their drive as they push the limits of innovation.


Darren’s first groupset and with a heritage that is hard to match. What the Italian brand represents almost transcends bicycles. They were the first to 11 speed and the first to 12, so there is still innovation flowing in the hallways of the Vicenza factory.

Campagnolo Super Record


Shallow. Deep. Light. Strong. Whatever the application or desire you have for your hoops we will have a solution. With offerings from the biggest and most bespoke wheel brands, your bike will have its optimal pair of shoes.

Wheels rack


Never an afterthought, the right tyres make all the difference. Tubeless. Tubed. Or even kicking it retro with tubular. In a landscape that’s ever-evolving, it’s our business to know who is best in show and ensure your wheels are shod with the best rubber available.

Contact Points

Be they meticulously chosen parts during the custom fit or components that fit you like a pair of old slippers, our contact points selection will match your every need to ensure the optimal position, efficiency, and fit. 

Bars and tape

Bars & tape

Flat top or round. Ergonomic bend or traditional. Internal or external routing. All bar shape sizes and bends are available. And if there’s a favourite tape you’d like it clad in, we can do that too.



We like all our riders to finish up the ride when their legs say “enough”, not their backside. Nothing destroys a ride faster than a saddle that is not right. We’ll make sure that is never the case.

Pedals Looks Keo


Whatever the system of choice (even flats) we have access to the full array of pedal offerings for you.


Not a week goes by without a compliment or simple (online or in-person) gasp at the beauty of BusyMan’s work. Bespoke bar tape and saddle recovers,  crafted to match your bike scheme. Or any colorway you desire. Mick Peel’s finest has been adorning Baum Bicycles for over a decade now and is an option for you to add to your dream build.



Silca, a company with the same belief at heart as us: passion, precision, performance. Silca delivers high-quality track pumps, frame pumps, and mini pumps to get you out of any puncture situation.

We take these pumps and make them uniquely yours by applying the same paint scheme and finish as your Baum. 


Silca Accessories Kit