Ordering your Baum

The Journey

The team at Baum Cycles is small: just eight highly skilled craftsmen and women, brought together by our love of bikes. A complete in-house paint workshop, cutting-edge fitting studio, and machining workshop span our factory floor. We are like no bike shop you’ve ever visited.

​Our passion is riding our own race. Whether that is tirelessly working on each individual creation or grabbing a chance to ride our own Baum. It’s this passion we pour into every bike that rolls out of Number 7. More than a purchase, a Baum is a journey.

Step 1: Get in Touch

Phone, email, or – if you happen to be passing – drop on in. Booking a time is the best way to guarantee we’re home. After all, we love riding bikes too.
Factory life can also get a little hectic, please don’t stress if there has been no reply within the hour to an email or phone message.  We promise we’ll get back to you.

Get in touch

Step 2: Deposit

At this stage we ask for a deposit to get the ball rolling and (depending on the path you take) we might even give you a bit of homework. Your deposit opens the door to the next stage of our process where we work with you to design your bike from the ground up. After payment, we’ll be in touch within the next 7 business days to discuss your Baum journey.

Step 3: Sizing

When it comes to the fit, you have a choice of three options: factory fit, third part fit, or Baum geometry. We have years of experience in delivering beautiful bicycles across all three methods. This step comes down to what is the best option for you.

To discover more on our sizing in the link below.


Step 4: Paint

Choose your style and colours. Add personalised touches to make your Baum truly your own. You’ll come away with three mocks to mull on over and show your mates at the cafe before we lock one in for your new machine.

Step 5: Components

Step 5: Components

With a choice across all major and bespoke groupset brands, we have access to all the parts you might want to hang off your Baum.

Sign Off

Step 6: Sign-off

After the design brief, your build specifications are sent for final approval and sign-off, followed by a call the following week to ensure you’re satisfied with each detail. Once signed off, your Baum enters the build queue.

Importantly without sign off your Baum cannot be placed in line for production. Certainly, take your time with the decision but the clock starts at sign-off.

Step 7: Pre-Construction

Step 7: Pre-Construction

Our wait times can stretch in too many months, this doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about you. As your Baum moves through our build queue we will be in touch to provide a date of completion, arrange delivery details, and a 50% progress payment on your order. 

We’ll also use this opportunity to update you should any of your component choices be experiencing delays.

Pre Construction

Step 8: Construction

Step 8: Construction

Building your Baum is a three-week process (before assembly).
Week one is all about fabrication, tubes are cut to measure, butted, and machined before being tacked and welded. In week two we corrosion treat steel frames and blast finish titanium frames. Then prepped and run through paint and finishing in week three.

Step 9: Assembly

Week four our professional, Pro-Tour experienced mechanic will meticulously assemble your Baum. At Baum, we’re about more than simply hanging parts, at every step the components will be tuned to precision and match your fit coordinates. 

Pickup and Delivery

Step 10: Pickup or Delivery

We’ll lovingly package it for shipping. Unless you’re dropping by to pick it up in person from our showroom while arranging all the final account details.

Step 11: Join the Family

Congratulations! You’re now a part of our family and it is time to ride. 

Brag to your mates. Tear up a race. Or the local bunch. Create epic memories and tag us on your socials. We love seeing where our creations take their owners.

Join the family