Here at Baum, we take great pride in the quality of our paint finishes, a quality on par with our welds. All frames, forks, stems, and posts are painted completely in-house, meticulously hand masked without a decal in sight. 

However, if metal finishes are more your thing, we’ve got you covered with a range of bead/garnet blasted and polished options for those that love that raw look.

We also re-finish Ti cages to deliver a package flawlessly matched to every bare metal part of your frame.

Video hasn’t killed the radio star and the (now famous) Flickr page feature is still very much a thing. Upon completion, all bikes get a slot on the reel.   

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With 15 schemes in over 50 standard colours alone, our head hurts with all the combination possibilities. Of course, this is before we open the Pantone guide to help how you how the magic happens.


Meet the RS, the newest scheme in our range. 

The RS takes a classic, timeless look to a new level. Developed with our new Baum logo in mind and showcasing our 25th-anniversary seat tube graphic, it’s the finishing touches and symmetry of the design that gives the RS schemes a racy modern edge.

Available in RS2, RS3 and the latest RS-B scheme.

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Orbis RS2 Fade
Baum Racing


The GT line of schemes has been a staple in the Baum lineup for over 10 years now and has seen variations come and go.

They may look the same, but our latest versions have been refined to give them a fresh new look featuring our new Baum logo.

Available as GT2, GT3, GT4, GTA, GTB, and Baum Racing variations.

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Where we have come from is an important part of who we are at Baum, and it’s for this reason that we choose to offer a range of Classic Baum Schemes. Featuring our original logos and head badge design, these schemes are perfect for those who love a traditional look.

We currently offer our Classic schemes in a Raw finish or our painted Double Band variations. 

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Classic Bands


Part of what makes the Baum image so special is the amount of effort and detail that goes into our finishing. We take great pride in the bikes we build and like the proud parents we are, we have a few rules regarding our paint schemes and colours.

Of course, we love to hear your ideas and we’ll work to the best of our ability to make sure we’re both happy with your bike.

Paint Rack

Colour options

Here at Baum we currently offer over 50 standard colours, all of which are available in either a Gloss or Matte finish along with a range of fade options. 

Still not quite what you are looking for? With access to an extensive catalogue of colour, there’s sure to be a hue that meets your exact desire.

We also offer a raw finish in selected schemes for those who love the traditional Ti look.

Etched alian



We have our headtube emblem, why shouldn’t you have one of your own. Company logo or a unique design, express yourself and make it exclusively yours.

Other examples of previous work have included children’s drawings, names of loved ones, and ‘ghost text’ (pearl paint that makes the design appear under specific lighting conditions and angles). No decals are used at Baum, the only limiting factor is the paint itself.

Talk to us about your ideas. If it can be painted, we can make it happen.

The paint rules

  • Only Enve seatposts will come painted.
  • Only Enve or 3T stems will come painted.
  • Only Enve or 3T forks will come painted.
  • Any colours outside of the standard Baum colour chart will incur an upcharge.
  • Extra pin lines can be added at an additional cost.
  • Classic bands’ paint schemes are to have either a white band with black text or a black band with white text.
  • Matt and gloss areas are not to be changed.
  • Customers will be supplied with 3 paint mock-ups of their choice. Charges will apply for further paint mock-ups.